Our Satin Angora Rabbits

"Penny Nibbler", black tort buck imported from Austria.  He has high rufus (red) coloring and incredible sheen and crimp (see picture below), as well as a lovely, large body and passes all of this on to his offspring.  He was named by my children, as he loved to nibble their fingernails as a young kit. 
TUF Belle Starr (Penny Nibbler x Annie Oakley), copper agouti doe.  This girl has her father's nice big body, rufus coloring and crimpy, shiny fiber (see picture below).  She was also a wonderful mother to her large first litter.

 TUF Katharine Hepburn (TF Romeo x TUF Belle Starr), light red agouti doe - look at that fiber!

 TUF Rita Hayworth (TF Romeo x TUF Belle Starr), red agouti doe - very dense rufus color.

 TUF Laurence Olivier (TF Romeo x TUF Belle Starr), fawn agouti buck.  This was an awesome litter - a big thank you to Erzsébet Gál of Made in Superior angoras for the loan of her beautiful blue Satin buck, TF Romeo (imported from Twist of Fate Family Farm/Stella Boyer in the USA.)

TUF Mozart (TF Romeo x HH Rhapsody), lovely copper buck from lines imported from the USA.

TUF Calamity Jane (Penny Nibbler x Annie Oakley), chestnut agouti doe with rufus coloring and high sheen and crimp from her father.  She was tired of this photo shoot!

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